Start Making Plans for your Big Day

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The earlier you start, the better

Is your wedding around the corner? If so, it is very important that you start planning for it and making preparations right away. This will reduce the last minute stress and headaches you will have to face if you do not start working ahead towards your wedding. Therefore, it is important that you make your to do lists and start ticking off each job as soon as possible. You may like to seek the help of an event planner to plan out your wedding. However, if you would like to keep your budget small and add personal touched to your wedding, you can always opt to plan your own wedding and have a lot of fun in the process.

Capture the moments and make memories

You will have to start off by deciding the date on which you would like to have your wedding. Deciding on the date will give you an idea of how you should start working for the wedding and how much time you have left to get all your work done. Secondly, you will have to draw up your guest list. By fixing the date and deciding on your guest list way ahead you can inform your guests and make sure that they keep the date free. Next, you might like to have a pre-wedding photo shoot. Or, you might simply like some good pictures and video on the day of your wedding. It is always good to book a good photographer ahead. You can even consider camera crane hire options.

This will enable you to take high quality videos and photographs of your special day. By going for camera crane hire options you can capture the entire wedding party as well as make professional looking videos of your wedding day to chronicle the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Get creative and glam up your special day

Next, you will have to attend to getting your wedding clothes ordered. As there will be many fit-ons and possibly changes to be made, to make your wedding clothes as perfect as possible, it is advisable to start working on them well ahead. You will also have to work on your decorations to make your wedding as pretty and dainty as you wish. You may like to go for a very simple theme where you can collect recyclable things at home such as papers, tissues and bottle to concoct elegant and classy wedding decoration. This would not only save you some money, you would also be contributing towards a greener environment. Further, you will have to make sure that you book a venue ahead as well as order the food. Remember to cater to the basic food preferences of your guests such as having vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian food. Thus, start planning ahead and make your wedding as special and memorable as you possibly can.

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3 Tips On Getting Your Selfie Groove On

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While the selfie has gained notoriety in the last few years due to its excess use, it is still the most widely spread type of photo in the world. The selfie existed for a long time and has a very decorated history in the entertainment world and regular communities, although it was not called such in the olden days. For some the selfie can be a pain, and for other it could be the best and only way for getting a good shot. So for all the experienced and inexperienced out there, here are some basic rules to follow.

Beware; these apply for any sort of photo from corporate photographer Melbourne to the bathroom shot, at

i.                     Angles are your friend

Selfies do not have to always be right from the front of the face, as it can make your face take up most of the screen and make it look swollen. Go for an angled shot, the weirder the angle is the better. Take a selfie when lying down, from up above or even from the side and below. These shots have a sort of candid look and do not always end up as selfies if you abhor them.

ii.                   What is your best game face?

Make sure you understand your own face and its contours. For some people the selfies is all about getting only one side of the face or the same angle. While these tend to redundant they also make you seem as if your head is set that way. Take a lot at your pictures your friends took and figure out some of the best angles and sides you look the best in, and make sure not to stick to one pose for a selfie. Tilting your head also works to promote exposure on your more beautified side of the face and also make you look cuter with your cheekbones and eyes highlighted.

iii.                  Hold your head high and look for the best light

Lighting is most important for any kind of picture, not just any selfie shot or corporate headshot photography Melbourne. With low lights, even the most beautiful person on the planet will look ordinary and dark. Make sure you are standing in the brightest spot in the park or a room when you are attempting to take a photo. Also make sure you are facing towards from the source of light so that your camera lens does not get overwhelmed with the brightness and make half your face whiteout. Dawn and dusk give the best lighting for any picture and the ranges of beautiful shades will reflect on you and make the photo look gorgeous no matter where you are. No matter how old you are, a selfie is something of a rave in this time of social media lives and internet. So keep your best smiles on because you never know when you are the background for a random selfie.

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